zIAP delivers Embedded In-App Security for Mobile App Protection

Application security deployable in less than 10 minutes through the only proven mobile security SDK for internal or customer facing apps

Mobile apps are extremely attractive targets for malicious activity. Attackers have repeatedly shown the ability to exploit vulnerabilities, fake Wi-Fi networks and malicious apps in order to compromise mobile devices. And when device owners open the door to their device, even accidentally, mobile app providers inherit the risk.

Zimperium's zIAP Software Development Kit (SDK) quickly embeds the advanced z9 engine into any internal or external mobile application. z9 delivers the following benefits:

  • On-device, Machine Learning-based Detection
  • Effortlessly & Invisibly Embeds Inside Apps
  • Small Footprint & Minimal Overhead

Protecting Millions of Customers, Billions of Transactions

"Combating fraud is a major focus for our bank. We selected Zimperium's zIAP to protect millions of online customers, and billions of transactions, against malicious apps like BankBot, device exploits and rogue WiFi networks."

-CSO, Global 100 Financial Institution

zIAP Introduction: Enterprise Grade Mobile App Security in Less Than 10 Minutes

zIAP is an SDK that embeds our patented machine-learning technology in your app to detect and stop cyberattacks. Security is added when the user updates the app and operates invisibly in the background providing enterprise grade security to all of your internal or customer facing apps.